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U.S.Entry Waiver

What is a US Entry Waiver?

Crossing the American border should be a simple matter of showing our passport and enjoying the rest of the journey.

Instead, agents at the border are tasked with filtering out what they see as high-risk entrants. If you currently have (or have ever had) a criminal record, it will make you stand out as a risk – and get you turned around without a single moment’s hesitation.

Does a U.S Entry waiver/Pardon Help?

The United States does not recognize the Canadian Pardon. If you have had a criminal record pardoned, you can still be turned back at the customs line regardless of your current status.

The easiest way to avoid this hassle is to get a US Entry Waiver from Scotia Pardons. A waiver pre-approves you for entry before you ever reach the border. A simple piece of paper acting like a Golden Ticket into the US.

An entry waiver can last for up to 5 years and does not require you to have a finalized Canadian pardon before traveling. If you want to travel without all the border hassle, contact Scotia Pardons today for your free consultation.

Eligibility for a US Entry Waiver is based on the following:

  1. The risk of harm to the United States if you are admitted
  2. The seriousness of your criminal record.
  3. Your purpose for entering the United States.

There is absolutely no waiting period necessary to meet the eligibility requirements for a US entry waiver. That being said, the length of time elapsed since a conviction will be taken into account when considering and evaluating a United States entry waiver application.

Persons currently under a criminal investigation will find it difficult to have their waiver approved until all matters are settled.

Speak to a Scotia Pardons agent if you require any more details, or click below to apply online today.

Entry Waiver Process

If you require a US Waiver, the process of attaining one is simple. Fill out the contact form at the top of the page for your own free information session with a Scotia Pardons agent. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable to your application. There’s no commitment required.

During your information session, a Scotia Pardons agent will help to ascertain the best way of applying for the Travel Waiver. The experience is different for everyone, so having a guiding hand is extremely helpful.

Do You Need A Waiver?

You may need a Waiver if you:

  • Have had a criminal record in Canada
  • Have had a criminal record in the USA
  • Were denied entry to, or were deported from the US
  • Were banned from entering the United States for any period of time
  • Were involved in a border crossing incident (such as a narcotics possession)

It Takes Time To Do Things Right:

An application for the US Entry Waiver can take 6 months to a full year to complete. Scotia Pardons goes to great lengths to ensure that your application is taken seriously and processed without complaint. This means we gather all the details of relevant convictions, to add weight to your application. With this in mind, it is very important to plan your US Entry Waiver application as soon as possible. There is no necessary waiting period for a waiver application, so if you want to have your waiver for next years’ vacation, you need to apply now.


Are You Eligible?

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